Noah Reed

Honors/ Deeds: Passing Initiation

Member Since: 2019

Lorelei Walck


Member Since: 2018

Jeff Freeby

Honors/ Deeds: Fundraising, Entertainment, Game Proctor,

Hype man.

Member Since: 1995

Christine Bortree

Honors/ Deeds: Photography, Fundraising

Member Since: 2006

These members of the Sword Tag Society help the group with a great deal of paperwork, event organization, public relations, and even photography during society functions.

The Sword Tag Society

Supportive Members

Daniel Freeby

Rank: Knight of the Hammer
Honors / Deed:  Passing Initiation
                           Highest Attendance: 2008
                           Work Horse: 2008, 2010
Member Since: 2004

Brittany Levine

Honors/Deeds: Photography, Fundraising

Member Since: 2018