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  • Tree Removal - Lehighton: assisted in the removal of a few trees at the Brown property on Troxell Hill Road.
  • Semmel Family - Palmerton: Helped with the moving of chairs, food, and wedding cake.
  • Tree Removal - Quakertown: Planned and orgastrated the removal of a tree over the families deck.
  • Semmel Family - Coaldale: Helped in the cleaning of the family's recently deceased relatives home.
  • Tree Removal - Coaldale: Removed two trees from the backyard of an elderly woman in Coaldale.
  • Sidewalk Removal - Palmerton: Broke apart, and removed sidewalk to be replaced.
  • Schleicher Family - Ashfield: Helped in unloading flooring for their home remodel.
  • Mahoning Valley Fire Company: Helped set up and serve spaghetti at their spaghetti dinner.
  • Family Promise - Lehighton: Entertained the children with games/activities.
  • Bachman Family - Slatington: Moved the family from their old house to a new home.
  • Nothstein Family - Lehighton: Moved the family from their old house to a new home.
  • Lehighton Rotary Club - Lehighton: Assisted in the set up/Tear down of the Rotary club's craft show. Years 2018, and 2019
  • Mahoning Valley Fire Department - Lehighton: Assisted in running their Annual Cornfield Classic event. Years 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  • Lehighton downtown initiative - Lehighton: Assisted  in setting up, as well as providing overnight security for the Rocktoberfest 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  • Dylan and Gavin's Rainbow - Lehighton: Assisted in the set up and tear down of their Snowflake 5k
  • Lehighton Borough - Lehighton: Assisted in the clean up of litter in public parks.
  • Public Trash Clean up - Assisted the Lehighton Downtown Initiative in cleaning up public parks and areas.
  • Snow Removal - Cleared sidewalks and parking lot of snow during the winter season.
  • Team Mackenzie - Lehighton: Helped Cindy's Deli in assembling a few hundred hoagies for a fundraiser.
  • Thomas Zimmerman IV - Lehighton:  Assisted in the re-roofing and re-siding of his rented residence.
  • Sheriff Dwight Nothstein - Lehighton:  Assisted in the demolition and the construction of a garage.
  • Cindy's Deli - Lehighton: Assisted the owners by helping to repaint the interior of the establishment.
  • Lehigh Gap Nature Center - Slatington: Assisted Ben Ronemus of Troop 145 with building and erecting bird houses on the mountain side along the Lehigh River.
  • Dinky Memorial Church - Ashfield:  Assisted Corey German of Troop 145 with his Eagle Scout Project.  Building a walkway along the side of the church.
  • Family Promise - Palmerton: Assisted in executing a scavenger hunt and race for their fundraising event.
  • General Public - Carbon County: After large weather events we assist in removing snow and clearing debris and downed trees.
  • Black Bear Triathlon - Lehighton: Assisted in setting up, executing and cleaning up barricades, fencing and other equipment for the race.
  • Riverview Park - Bowmanstown:  Assisted Zech Barton of Troop 145 with his Eagle Scout project.  Building Stairs to a disc golf course. 
  • Canal Association - Weisport:  Assisted in moving model canal boats from storage to display.
  • Canal Association - Walnutport:  Assisted in the set up and running of their Canal Festival held Annually in October.
  • Lehighton Borough - Lehighton:  Assisted in the clean up of public parks due to storm damage.

Mahoning Valley Fire Company Festival

Most recently we assisted the Mahoning Valley Fire Company (MVFC) with their yearly festival and 5k run. Though mostly helping to run the carnival games, it was a great opportunity to get out and interact with many members of our local community, including the great volunteers at the MVFC.

This is where we like to note how we contribute to others in the community.

Throughout the year we help various organizations and individuals in many different ways.  Everything from helping elderly repair their homes, helping other social groups with projects, and even to assist local organizations in miscellaneous tasks.  

Mahoning Valley Fire Company Festival

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