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Outings & Adventures

          When the group isn't camping, fighting, making equipment or helping out in the community we like to go on small trips to different places.

Each year the Sword Tag Society puts together a bunch of fun group trips and outings that include a day out playing paintball or laser tag, a visit to a renaissance fair, an amusement park, a rafting trip and even historical sites. 


Each trip is planned by the group seeking to receive a group discount but there is generally an individual cost to attend.  Troops will gather at an indicated randevu and a caravan of vehicles travel to and from the destination together.  There is fun to be had with pretty much anything the Sword Tag Society does.  

September Camping Trip

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Camping Trips

          On camping trips, players dress up and adventure as characters that they have created, battling monsters, searching for treasure and completing quests that help to unfold stories before their eyes.

Each May, a series of events is held at our Kings' Spring Tournament.  Players compete in double elimination tournaments that include chess, three man melee, mixed weapons, and an archery contest.  Each tournament victor receives prizes with the winner of the mixed weapons bout earning a rank of honor within the society.


In June, August and September, "teams" take turns questing to play out the stories that have been written and planned for them.  The players that are not currently adventuring take on the roles of monsters, towns people and villains.  There are evil creatures to fight, champions to assist, friends to rescue, treasure to find, and fun to be had!


          Each year the Sword Tag Society embark on camping trips as well as outdoor adventure trips.