The Sword Tag Society

The Sword Tag Society's Homemade Fudge

* Available September through mid November!

Classic Flavors

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The Sword Tag Society is proud to announce that we are currently fundraising through the continued creation of the world's best confection: Fudge!  

Throughout the year, we've been testing out and trying new techniques and ingredients expressly to get the best taste and consistency.  Handmade in small batches, our fudge is guaranteed to be Axe-ceptionally Good!  Not to mention, this sweet treat is the perfect combination of delicious and affordable.  At a mere $5.00 per quarter pound, it really can't be beaten.

If you can't pick a flavor, we do variety packs specific to each season as well as a classic pack featuring our five most popular classic varieties.  Each of these can be picked up for $10.00 and contain an eighth of a pound of each flavor.

We have classic flavors, like chocolate and peanut butter (or both together), as well as seasonal renditions.  Right now, we have a small stock of our Holiday Flavors and have just released our seasonal Valentine's Flavors.  This includes Red Velvet, Chocolate-Raspberry, and Strawberries & Cream; the perfect flavors to gift your sweetheart for the rapidly approaching Valentine's Day Holiday.  

We currently sell fudge at many of our fundraising events and frequent the Lehighton Farmer's Market on Saturdays quite regularly.  You can also order through any of our members and via Facebook: just send us a message and coordinate a pick-up.  All of the proceeds go toward our non-profit organization and the continued renovation of the Normal Square Chapel, so don't be afraid to come see us or send us a message and try some soon!

* Available all year long!

Fall  Flavors