Work Sessions

Nothing is accomplished without some sort of effort.   

That is why the Sword Tag Society sets aside Sundays for work sessions in order for the group to accomplish some goals as a group, upkeep facilities, or help out in the community.


The Sword Tag Society is a non-profit 501(c) organization seated in Lehighton, Pennsylvania.

As previously mentioned, the Sword Tag Society is an outdoor adventure group with a focus on mock medieval combat with some live-action roleplaying.  The group is comprised of normal, everyday citizens who are looking to support the community and the promotion of positive moral fiber especially the youth of the public.

Anyone that is at least twelve (12) years old is eligible for membership in the Sword Tag Society regardless of race, creed, gender, or physical ability.  Stop by and check it out!


Throughout the year the Sword Tag Society goes on camping trips and outings.

Each year the group goes on four major, weekend-long, camping trips.  In April, during the King's Spring Tournament, a series of double-elimination competitions that include chess, three-man melee, an archery contest, and a mixed weapons bout.  In June, August, and September, the teams take their turn going on adventures and playing out an ongoing story.


A few times a year the organization will go on day trips including trips to amusement parks, a renaissance faire, paintball, and even a tubing trip down the river.


As with anything, practice makes perfect. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 to 8:00 pm and Sunday from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm,  the group gathers at practices to work on society things or just for some simple fun and camaraderie.  During the cold winter months or on rainy days this time is spent armoring, crafting weapons or other items, and occasionally playing board games.  When the weather is more cooperative time is spent practicing and honing skills in medieval combat and playing team-building games such as Ring of Steel, Infection, and Capture the Flag.

*Sundays subject to changing into a practice day if the demand is there.

Enter a world quite different from your own...

Fight, loot, explore, and adventure your way through the world of the Sword Tag Society.  A world inhabited by creatures, monsters, and magic.  Become one of the brave few to take on this world and the quests that you'll discover!

The Sword Tag Society is an outdoor adventure group that focuses on mock medieval combat.  Members can create characters and let their imaginations run wild.  In this game, who you are is up to you.  Do you want to be an archer, a thief, or a knight?  Do you want to design weapons, make potions or create and execute battle plans?  Well, here you can.  Create a character, earn experience points, build skills, and gain ranks in the world of the Sword Tag Society!

The Sword Tag Society

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