Jeremy Costa


Role: The Patriarch

Honor/ Deeds: Passing Initiation      

                        Hardcore Initiation

                        Recruiter of the year: 2016

Member Since: 2011

Daniel Freeby

Rank:Knight of the Hammer

Role: Tinker
Honors / Deed:  Passing Initiation
                           Highest Attendance: 2008
                           Work Horse: 2008, 2010

Member Since: 2004

Michael Muffley

Rank: Baron

Honor/ Deeds: Co-Founder

                         Passing Initiation

                         Hard Core Initiation

‚ÄčMember Since: 1991

Christopher Nothstein

Position: President

Rank: Duke
Role: Locksmith

Honor/ Deeds: Founder

Member Since: 1990

NPC Players

This page is home to the neutral players that help to plan, organize and referee events.  They also exist in the game world as pivotal supporting characters, helping the members on their adventures.

The Sword Tag Society

Michael Koch

Rank: Lord

Role: Sorcerer
Honors / Deed
Passing Initiation

                           Hard Core Initiation

                           Game Master: 2013

                           Highest Attendance: 2002

                           Tournament Champion: 2003, 2008

                                 2009, 2011

                           Recruiter of the Year: 2008, 2015

Member Since: 2001

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Jerry Kershner


Role: Alchemist/King
Honors / Deed
Passing Initiation

                           Hard Core Initiation

                           Game Master: 2012, 2014, 2015

                           Highest Attendance: 2010-15

                           Tournament Champion: 2010, 2014

                           Work Horse: 2007, 2014, 2015

                           Recruiter of the Year: 2008
                           MVP: 2012

Member Since: 2004