Noah Kunkle

Rank: Squire

Honors / Deeds: Passing Initiation
                           Recruiter of the year: 2013, 2020

Member Since:  2010

Julian Valentini

Rank: Squire

Honors / Deeds: Passing Initiation
                               Hardcore Initiation

Member Since:  2010

Peyton Lutsko

Rank: Soldier

Honors / Deeds:

Member Since:  2019

Anthony Bear

Position: Vice President

Rank: Baron

Honors / Deeds: Passing Initiation

‚Äč                           Hard Core Initiation

                           Tournament Champion: 2013, 2015

                           2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

                              Recruiter of the Year: 2012,2019

                           MVP: 2013

                           Game Master: 2016, 2017, 2020         

Member Since:  2009

This is home to the members that fight under the purple & Gold banner.

Players are listed by rank then by level.

Andrew Rotherforth

Position: Secretary

Rank: Knight of the Rose

Honors / Deeds: Passing Initiation

                           Most Improved: 2019

                           Highest Attendance: 2020

                           Work Horse: 2020

Member Since:  2017

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